IPTV Subscription (1 Device)

6 Months Subscription


✅ IPTV subscription for 1 device. ✅ More than 2000 TV channels. ✅ More than 2000 VOD. ✅ EPG.

IPTV Subscription (2 Devices)

12 Months Subscription (2 Devices)


✅ IPTV subscription for 1 device. ✅ More than 2000 TV channels. ✅ More than 2000 VOD. ✅ EPG.


✅ The only IPTV box that shows all subtitles. ✅ More than 2000 TV channels. ✅ More than 2000 VOD. ✅ EPG.

Global IPTV Provider with Cheap IPTV Subscriptions


More than…

High Quality IPTV Channels and VOD

… 2000 TV Channels

… 2000 Vod

Unlike other IPTV providers, we offer HIGH QUALITY content.


high quality service


Low Ping time

Servers located in Germany

Our servers are located in Germany, and we have low PING TIME to all our clients in Europe. It also gives a fast ZAPPING TIME (switching between TV channels). Our zapping time is less than 0,5 second.

Other IPTV providers who have their servers in Russia and Asia have higher zapping time (not good!) and slowing zapping time.


Supported DEvices

Support All IPTV Boxes

We support all major IPTV devices/boxes

☑ All Smart TVs
☑ Enigma 2 (all versions)
☑ MAG (all devices)
☑ Roku

☑ Android (boxes & apps)
☑ Kodi
Master Box
☑ Web TV List

☑ Dreambox (all versions)
☑ M3U
☑ OpenBox
☑ Zgemma

… and much more devices.

Master Box is the best IPTV box with better hardware and support subtitles. No other IPTV box support all subtitles.


Accepted Payments

Accepted Payments

We accept the following payments 
✅ Bitcoin
✅ Paypal
✅ Visa and Mastercard


9 reasons why you should buy from us!

9 reasons why you should buy from us


We help you with your IPTV installation

1. Support 24/7

Our technical support is available 24/7 to assist you. Even weekends. Usually we reply emails within 1 hour.

Anonymous IPTV Service

2. 100% Anonymous

Our IPTV service is 100% anonymous

  1. We do not save client’s IP addresses.
  2. Your connection to our website is secured with HTTPS.
  3. We use secure payments.
  4. Our emails are encrypted.

IPTV Support and IPTV Guides

3. Fast Email Support

Usually we reply all emails within 1 hour.

IPTV Servers in Germany

4. Servers In Europe

Our servers are located in Germany, and they are fast accessible to all European countries

  1. Low ping time to our clients.
  2. Faster zapping time when changing TV channels. 

Global IPTV Provider - Servers Uptime

5. 99,9 % Uptime

Our servers have 99,9 % uptime, and your TV channels are available whenever you want to watch.

TV Channels & VOD (Movies and TV Series)

6. TV Channels & VOD

We have more than 4000 of both TV channels and VOD that you can enjoy watching whenever you want.

IPTV Subtitles in TV channels and VOD

7. Subtitles & Multiple Audio Tracks

Our IPTV service support subtitles and multiple audio tracks.

7 Days EPG

8. 7 Days EPG

We have 7 days EPG.

7 Days Catchup TV & Timshift

9. The Only IPTV Provider with 7 Days Catchup TV & Timeshift

We are the ONLY IPTV provider with 

  • 7 days Catchup TV
  • 7 days Timeshift


Become a reseller & Make Money

Become IPTV reseller and make money

Become an IPTV reseller for us and start making your own money.

💰 Your very own RESELLER PANEL add/edit/delete MAC addresses as you please.
💰 Full access to statistics and usage history.
💰 You are the IPTV Distributor and in control of your own business.

IPTVTiger offer the most fully featured IPTV Solutions on the market today with more than 2000 IPTV channels from 20 countries.