You have problem with subtitles? Finally there is an IPTV box that shows all subtitles. Avvisa

Watch IPTV on Formuler Z

Installing IPTV channels from on a Formula Z is very simple. The YouTube video below shows you how to quickly get started with your box.

1. Connect your Formuler Z box.
2. Start MyTV Online.

Installation av Formuler Z
3. Select Edit Service, and then click on Edit.

Installation av Formuler Z

Service Nickname: enter
Service URL: enter the URL you received via email from us.

After you have purchased an IPTV subscription from us, please email us the MAC address. The MAC address is shown in the picture above.

4. Click OK when done.

When this is done, your box starts to download the channel list, and you can start watching your IPTV channels.

First Time Installation

If your Formuler Z box is brand new, then you need to follow the guide in this YouTube video.

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